Proclamation Saint John
May 24 – June 2  2017

We are excited to join together as one church for to read the whole scripture over the 10 day period leading up to Pentecost. This is running at the same time as the global corporate prayer event Thy Kingdom Come.

Participants read from which ever translation or in whatever language they are most comfortable with. Full Gospel Assembly has generously offered to host this reading. Their church is at 34 Mt Pleasant Ave E, Saint John.

Each unit you sign up for is approximately five minutes –  For example, if you would like to read for 15 minutes in an hour then signup for 3 slots in that hour. There are 9 readings in each hour period – please attend for the whole hour. Each hour will include Old Testament, Psalms and a New Testament reading.

List of Readings

Here is a list of each reading. The timings given are approximate. If you notice any errors please contact us. Choose the times and readings and then signup from the links to each day in the side bar of this page.


To signup, click on the following link. The website will prompt you to create an account which you can use for as many signups as you wish. Alternatively, if you would like assistance, you can contact Pastor Neil at Full Gospel on 506-633-4956 x2.

Wednesday 24th May
Thursday 25th May
Friday 26th May
Saturday 27th May
Sunday 28th May (upstairs venue – use of stairs required)
Monday 29th May
Tuesday 30th May
Wednesday 31st May
Thursday 1st June
Friday 2nd June

This initiative is promoted by the Canadian Bible Society. The following information about the origins of the proclamation is from their website:


Proclamation is the reading of God’s word aloud in public and in its entirety from beginning to end traditionally over a 10 day period. Reading schedules have been developed integrating Old Testament readings with Psalms & Proverbs and New Testament readings.

For many Canadians, both those who listen and read it is a remarkable new experience. But the roots are as old as the book of Nehemiah, where in the eight chapter, Ezra and the priest reads the law aloud to the whole assembly of Israel from beginning to end and spiritual renewal follows.

As well as reinvigorating the church, Proclamation is a public witness. The events bring together many different congregations, parishes from many denominations and confessions. This co-operative spirit makes a powerful statement of unity to the community.

Proclamation: The Word of the Lord/La Parole du Seigneur began in the Spring of 1995 when some 200 people representing many different denominations and speaking more than 12 different languages came together in the small Anglican parish of St. James in Rosemère (Quebec) to read the Bible over a 10-day period.

In 1998, Proclamation was held at 5 locations in the Montreal area with 2000 readers. In Nova Scotia, 2 events brought together some 1000 persons from over 30 churches; and in Brockville almost 400 readers from 16 churches took part in a Proclamation event and Brockville has continued to host an annual event.

As of 2001, every province in Canada had experienced at least one Proclamation event. Proclamation continues to grow and to encourage more and more Canadians to proclaim the Word of the Lord publicly in their communities.

Church publicity poster can be downloaded from HERE